Weight Training

Weight training is a form of resistance exercise. A good fitness program includes resistance exercise 2 days each week or more, and includes 8 to 10 exercises that work all the major muscle groups. It’s best to allow at least 1 day of rest between these exercises.

You may use free weights (barbells and dumbbells), resistance training machines (weights attached to cables and pulleys or machines that use compressed air to create resistance), or use your own body weight (calisthenics).

Sample weight lifting plan 

3 x 12 sets of each exercise, start with low and work to high weight (ensure the weights that you use can complete the sets)
Barbell bent-over row View Video
Dumbbell one-arm row View Video
Barbell deadlift View Video
Dumbbell seated reverse fly View Video
T-bar bent-over row View Video
Dumbbell side lateral raise View Video
Dumbbell front raise View Video
Dumbbell shoulder press View Video
Upright barbell row View Video
Dumbbell shoulder shrug View Video
Dumbbell arnold press View Video
Cable triceps pushdown View Video
Cable biceps curl View Video
Dumbbell biceps curl View Video
Dumbbell hammer curl View Video
Parallel bar dips View Video
Incline barbell bench press View Video
Barbell bench press View Video
Parallel bar dip View Video
Dumbbell flye View Video
Incline dumbbell fly View Video
     Barbell squat  View Video
     Machine leg press View Video
     Walking dumbbell lunge View Video
     Machine leg extension View Video
     Barbell dead lift View Video